This is Christie and Adam and they live in the Philippines.  This is an old picture taken just before the big tsunami years ago in 2004.   Linda was in the United States working making money to send to the Philippines to build a Convent with schools and an orphanage.  I had a puppy that looked just like her first border collie Christie but the markings were reversed.  She adopted Adam and told me that they were going to live in the Philippines to teach the people and children about dogs over there.  Of course they were a big hit Adam can play Basket ball so the kids took up with him right away.  For the Border Collies safety there was a big fence built around the Convent. Then the tsunami in 2004 destroyed a lot of the Convent and Christie and Adam were washed away.  By Gods grace they were both found days later in the top of a Palm tree.  The Convent was restored and both Christie and Adam both live there teaching the people  in the Philippines the beauty of Gods creatures.  Nun Linda keeps in touch with me until this day calling from the Philippines to tell me the progress of their work!!!