It's so important to have a doggie Gynecologist just like you would have a gynecologist to make sure you are healthy and having a healthy baby.   First off no one should breed for the wrong reason.  Unfortunately it happens. I'm here to carry on the true border collie. 

So first things first.  I take my males and females to Brittmoore Animal Hospital.  Dr. Dyckman and Dr. Campsmit (Doggie gynecologist) examine them and make sure they are healthy and ready to breed.  This gives me a better chance of having a litter and a healthy litter just like you would do when you have your own baby.  When the puppies are born and are around 6 weeks old I take them to Pet Vet Animal Hospital where Dr. Wahgren and Dr. Williams give them a hearing test, vision test and a fecal to make sure they are parasite free.  They test each puppy for body condition.  Their ears, eyes, GI/abdominal palpation, Heart/cardiovascular, lungs/trachea, lymph nodes/thyroid gland, mouth, teeth, gums, musculoskeletal, nervous system, nose/throat, skin/haircoat, and urinary/reproductive systems are thoroughly examined.

This way you go home with a happy healthy new family member. 

If you want to be a breeder and reproduce one of Gods gifts you need to do it the right way and for the right reasons.  Make sure you are producing good healthy puppies.  

Brittmoore Animal Hospital:  1236 Brittmoore Road, Houston, TX  77043

Phone  713-468-8253


Pet Vet Animal Hospital

Bay Brook Mall

​1520 W. Bay Area Blvd. Unit 7

Friendswood, TX  77546


Puppies Available Call or Text Gale 281-755-6806


I can not guarantee a timeline, color, gender etc...  That is up to mother nature!!  

5 Girls in pink and 3 Boys in blue

Momma "Alibi" 

​Look at me!  Look at me!!!

Stud dog Shadow

Proud Daddy "Hustler"


Born April 16, 2023

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I wanna go too

Dr. Wahgren

Grandpa "Shadow"