Here we go again "Shadow"

Boy Tri Blk/Wht/Tan

​           "Trip"


We are so excited.  Please call and ask about us​ :)


     We have puppies!!!

  • Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out 3:36

"Oreo" aka mommy

I'm "Flirt" the mom to this pac

Tri Blk/Wht/Tan "Sam"

Girl Wh/Blk Spts  "Pearl"

​Boy Blk/Wht "Buddy"

Blk/Wht Girl "Eve"

​Pick Me!!  Pick Me!!

Blk/Wht \ "Jeff"

Wht/Blk Spots "Domino"

Yep It's me again "Shadow"

Blk/Wht "Trip"

Girl Tri Blk/Wht/Tan


They call me mama "Lacy"

We can't wait to meet you!!!!


Howdy Dog Lovers, Please contact Gale for information on the puppies that were born in December.  How to adopt a puppy or how to get on the waiting list at 281-755-6806. Each baby comes with their first set of shots, worming schedule, ABCA papers, and their first Vet check up by Friendswood Animal Clinic 281-482-1258. 

Are you our forever family?  Please call and let's find out!!!

"Shadow" aka daddy 

Blue/Wht "Blue"

Wht/Blk Spots "Spot"

Girl Blue "Ivy"

Puppies born December 20, 2018

Puppies born December 14, 2018

Puppies born Dec. 11, 2018