Meet Little Bit!!!  Sad story.  We don't know what happened to Little Bit.  He was dropped off at the Vet to be put t‚Äčo sleep.  The Vet didn't have the heart to put him down because he has such a great personality so they are looking for him a home and a second chance.  Little Bit is about 8 years old.  He can do tricks and loves to fetch ball.  He is house trained.  He is very smart.  He is up to date on all his shots and has been neutered plus treated for heartworms. He does not like cats. For more informtion on Little Bit please contact Kim at 409-791-0222

Lab mix 2 year old male fully trained house dog For more information please call 254-644-4554 or 454-644-3134

Meet Ace.  Unfortunately Ace was hit by a car and only has 3 legs.  He is 4 years old and was gifted to us in NC on Feb 2018.  He doesn't take well with kids, definitively an old soul he does like walks and out doors but he gets tired quick due to his hind leg is missing.  He does get along with men but he will bite if they get loud or aggressive with him.  He is house trained and potty trained.  He knows how to walk off leash and use to go on 3 to 5 mile walks with me.  He was my emotional support dog until he got hit by a car.  He does great with other dogs.  He would make a great trainers assistant.  Loves car rides.  Up to date on all of his vaccines.  I'v been great about taking him to the Vet.  He has no known medical problems or allergies.  If you are interested in knowing more about Ace please contact Jocelyn at 305-850-4890    

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A special shout out to all the families that have adopted rescues and given them a second chance that they deserve!!!  



This page is dedicated to animals that are in need of a good home.  They are just poor babies that due to circumstances have been dealt a bad hand in life and need a second chance.  People can post their fur babies here for free.  The fur babies are free as well as this service.  The purpose of this page is to help animals that are in need of rescue.      

If you are interested in a rescue please call Robert or Roger at Friendswood Animal Rescue 281-996-3367 or 281-996-3390

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