A special shout out to all the families that have adopted rescues and given them a second chance that they deserve!!!  


Sam a 2 year old Mini Aussie


This is a free service is to help animals.  In no way is "The Border Collie Lady" liable for any transaction on this page.  The animals on this page are not related to "The Border Collie Lady" bloodline or "The Border Collie Lady" in anyway.  

Meet Charlie and Sam.  Unfortunately Charlie and Sam's parents died.  The Mother died in April and the Father died last week in Aug. Out of the kindness of their heart "Sugarland Pet Hospital" have been housing, feeding and taking care of these 2 guys since the beginning of July.  Sugarland Pet Hospital has donated their time plus shots and worming because these are such good companions and they want to make sure that they get a second chance and get a great forever home.  Charlie and Sam are family and can not be separated.  Charlie and Sam are free to an awesome home.  Unfortunately Sugarland Pet Hospital can only house them for one more week before they have to go to the Dog Pound.  If you are interested in adopting Charlie and Sam to be apart of your family please contact  Gale 281-755-6806

Charlie a 6 year old Border Collie

This page is dedicated to animals that are in need of a good home.  They are just poor babies that due to circumstances have been dealt a bad hand in life and need a second chance.  People can post their fur babies here for free.  The fur babies are free as well as this service.  The purpose of this page is to help animals that are in need of rescue.      

If you are interested in a rescue please call Robert at Friendswood Animal Rescue 281-996-3367 or 281-996-3390

Tell them "The Border Collie Lady" sent you!