Here is the link to the Non Breeding Contract required to be sent in with deposit :)

This bloodline has been featured on the Meaty Bone box dog treats as well as Limited Edition art work.

If you are interested in adopting one of my pups I would love to hear from you. The puppies whether male or female require a non-refundable cash deposit.  The amount of the deposit that you send is non-refundable. The deposit gets you a spot on the waiting list and guarantees that you get a puppy of your choice when it is your turn from any litter.  If you want the puppy delivered there will be additional charges such as flight cost as well as kennel and additional vet costs which include a health cert. so the puppy can fly.   If you are picking up the puppy the balance is owed in cash, along with the signed non-breeding contract.  The puppies are not to be bred.  On your ABCA papers it will state that "this is a non-breeding dog".  I don't require you to nueter or spade your dog but if the dog does have puppies the puppies will not be able to get papers.  This is to protect my bloodline of 42 years.  I stop my list at 12 to be fair.  For pricing and more information please contact Gale at 281-755-6806



The adult dogs are seen by Brittmoore Animal Hospital where they are DNA tested.  The males sperm is tested and the females are checked to see if they are ready and healthy to breed.  In some cases the female and male need to go through a process to where the female is artificially inseminated.  This helps me have a good healthy litter. 

The puppies are born in the living room in front of the T.V. set and stay there until they open their eyes and start walking around at about 3 weeks.  They are handled and talked to daily as well as hear all the different sounds from the T.V.. This is a great way to socialize them and it helps with alertness and behavior.  

​When the puppies are around 5 to 6 weeks old they are taken to Pet Vet Animal Hospital where Dr. Wahgren or Willams weighs each puppy and gives each puppy a hearing test, vision test, fecal work, testing of the heart for murmurs, lymph nodes and all organs and skin.  This ensures that you are going home with a good clean healthy puppy.

Each puppy comes with a three page vet report from Pet Vet Hospital, shot and worming records and ABCA papers in your name and address.

If the puppy needs to be delivered or flown by airplane there is additional fees depending on the destination.  All puppies are flown by United Airlines Pet Safe.